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Rainy Day Location:
We are full on into winter weather at this point so please remember when it is raining we will meet at Big League Dreams. See the details below:
When it’s raining, (M-F; 9-11:30am), join us at Big Le

ague Dreams, off Old Oregon Trail. We have space to set up four courts in this beautiful indoor sports facility. Park where you see cars and enter the large soccer building through the glass doors. There is a $2.00pp charge and you will be asked to sign in each time you play. There is a group email list you can join if you’d like to be notified when play will be at BLD rather than Enterprise Park. See Mike A. to have your name added to the group email list.
Check out the building where we play – it’s the large rectangular building at the top, center of the picture: Big League Dreams Sports Facility

9 thoughts on “Upcoming Events

  1. I am new to Pickleball and want to learn. . . please let me know times, and places, as a post read Wednesday at Sequoia, and I didn’t see anyone. . .

    1. Hi Cara and welcome to Pickleball in Redding. Our regular hours, as posted, include M-Sat 9-11 at Enterprise Park and Wednesday evenings beginning at 6:30pm. I’m so sorry there was no one at Sequoia tonight. I’m not sure why but I will look into it.

  2. Hi my Name is Bill Cobos, I am looking for partners to play in the US. Open tournament in Naples Fl. Last year around May I played on your courts. I was welcomed by a guy named Mark, I believe; he seemed to be the guy that was there first and setting up. I am from Washington St. and would love to come down and play again ,but for now I am looking for partners in the mixed Doubles and mens doubles both age catagories and skill 4.0 . I know it’s a long trek but it’s always fun and the competition is stiff.
    My wife has a brother that lives in Redding so I’ll be visiting someday soon ,this tournament is at the end of April. thanks Bill

    1. Hi Bill, the person you met is Mike, our USAPA Ambassador. He sets up the nets and plays 6 days a week without fail- he’s awesome! You can contact Mike via email @ mikesasailor@gmail.com. He has a list of all our players and will know who plays at the 4.0 level. We look forward to seeing you on the courts the next time you are in town.

    1. Hi Jane, if it is not raining we will be at Enterprise Park. If it IS raining we will be at Big League Dreams on Old Oregon Trail. The fee for indoor play, at BLD, is $2.00. Hours of play are the same: 9-11am. Hope to see you Wednesday!

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