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The 2016 Villages Pickleball Pro Exhibition – This years event is about to take place. Enjoy the many tips as well as spectacular gets by 16 of the best…

Check out this Gold Metal Match: Lemaster/Ashworth vs Ansboury/Weinbach

Check out this amazing final point…

2017: A Message from our Ambassador about Court Etiquette:

Hi Guys,
We have been having really great turn outs lately and have had a number of days when a goodly number of people have had to wait for games. Now this is a good problem, I’m glad for all the new people coming out and being excited to play pickleball.
There are a couple things that make me a bit crazy, one is courts being empty and not being used while folks are waiting to play and the other is when a people camp out on a court having just finished playing and don’t make room for folks that have been waiting to play.
So if you could help me out I’d much appreciate it. Now if only a couple of people are waiting, just be alert to that and make sure you get them involved in a game, if they are new introduce yourself and have them play with you or at least make sure they get involved some way. Now if there are six or more people waiting, somebody who is waiting organize a group of four for the next court that comes open and be ready to get on that court and start play as soon as the group who just finished comes off.
I know that people like to play competitive games, so as you make groups think about each other’s level of play and get your group ready. If perchance there are not four people of like skills, maybe a player of a higher skill could join that group to make it a foursome and maybe meet new people and even share some tips. Most all of us are hoping to improve our play in some way. And PLEASE if a really good player comes to play in your group make sure you play with them and not just hit to their weaker partner so you can win, play and have fun and maybe learn something. Also if you think you want to play up a level ask if you can join a group of higher level players and play a game with them. Please give them an option to say not right now but in a little while.
Okay, enough of that. Just PLEASE be aware of folks waiting, of folks who might be new and have no clue of the process to get involved. Remember we all at one time came through that gate our first time. AND just think you may save me from some crazy.
Thanks Mike

CBS Sports Network is going to air a half hour show devoted to the US Open that was held May 20, 2016 in Naples.

May 20, 2016 7PM EST.
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Interested in improving your soft game?
Check out a drill Marian Pasela introduced to her group in Mesa AZ.
The Partys in the Kitchen

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When we talk about Tips…
Let’s start with a great reference website that everyone should become familiar with:
The USA Pickleball Association
The USAPA was organized to promote the growth and development of pickleball, not only on a national but an international level. This organization provides players with official rules, tournaments, rankings and promotional materials. They offer tournaments, education, training and much more. Visit the link above and check it out. Become a member for $25 per year and you will receive a T-Shirt and their monthly newsletter. And you will be supporting the great sport of Pickleball. Below is a feature article from the USAPA website.

Tip from a Pro: How to play with a better player

This “Tip from a Pro” comes to us from Prem Carnot, aka “The Pickleball Guru.”

Playing with better players forces YOU to play at the top of your ability, pay for your mistakes, and fast-tracks you to a higher skill level, but it does almost the OPPOSITE for your opponents. Playing with you keeps them from having to play at the top of their ability or paying for their mistakes. Whatever your level, how can you graciously get to play with better players so as to improve your game? As a better player, when do you “remember your roots” and when is it fair to ask them to step aside so you can get in some higher level play?
Here are some tips…

To play with opponents who are STRONGER than you:

Ask politely and give them an out. “Do you all mind if I get a game in with you, or would you rather play on your own?”
Ask when they are warming up or cooling down.
If you do approach in the midst of higher-level play, ask “Hey, do you mind if I get a game in with you all before you quit today?” and let them continue.
If they do play with you at the beginning of the day, be conscientious about letting them leave. “Hey, I see you can get a good game in against those guys, I’ll sit this one out and maybe we can play again later if you have a chance.”
If you ask a stronger player to join a game with you, HIT TO THEM! No one likes to sit on a court watching their partner hit all the balls.
They’re doing you a favor by playing with you, so hit the ball to them at LEAST half the time. It will make you a better player, make it more interesting for them and more likely that they will play with you again.
Don’t be obnoxious if you beat a stronger player in recreational play.
We all play our best when we play with better players. When we play with weaker players, it can be challenging to stay focused, so remember that they may not be playing at the top of their game.

When you play with opponents who are WEAKER than you:

Remember, someone took you under their wing when you first started playing. Pay it forward and play regularly with players who are weaker than you.
When you do, let them know in advance how long you’re planning to play, you might say, “I’d love to play with you all for a game or two, but then I’d like to get in with those other players.”
Don’t be patronizing—or overly aggressive. Pick a shot you want to improve upon and focus on hitting that shot. Or, try to reduce your number of unforced errors. Focus on patience & keeping the ball in play rather than slamming every put-away shot.

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Here’s another worthy bit of wisdom:

Are you a beginner, intermediate or advanced player?

“I always make the distinction of ……
Beginner players just want to get the ball back.
Intermediate players place highest regard on hitting winners.
Advanced players place highest importance on NOT MAKING MISTAKES.” ~ Jeff Shank

Check out this video on Stacking from the Pickleball Channel:
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  1. Hi Nancy, thanks for the update and for doing such a good job keeping everyone informed. The new schedule is a great idea. And, it’s awesome that Sarah Ansboury is contributing to your website! Sarah’s videos are SO helpful and always spot on. Thanks again for keeping us posted!

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