Want to expand your Pickleball wardrobe and be part of the Redding Pickleball look? Below you will see the front and the back of our T-shirts.
There are two options for men and two for women.
Both mens are standard T-shirt cut. The (2000) is a cotton blend and only $10. The (ST350) is a polyester material and only $12. The women’s standard T-shirt (2000L) is a cotton blend ($10) and the women’s v-neck T-shirt (LST353) is polyester ($12).
We now also have tank tops available. The men’s # is PC54TT , and the women’s # is LPC54TT . Both are $12 and they are cotton.
What we need from each of you is the style, color, size and quantity you would like to order.

To look at the colors for each style go to
and type in the corresponding style number from above.
When selecting a shirt color keep in mind the color of the printing front and back. In the past the yellow pickleball did not show up well on yellow, orange or dark colors. To remedy that we added a white background behind the pickleball and it does show up much better now. The black print does not show up well on a dark colors. From previous orders I think you can see what colors seem to work best.

Mike Archibald will have the order forms available at the courts so once you’ve decided on the: Style, Color, Size and Quantity of shirts you would like, simply complete an order form (available at the courts), pre-pay and Mike will place the order as soon as we’ve met our minimum order.

If you have any questions email Jim Hay at



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